£6.99. Easy growing and easy blooming. Flower colour : See picture. Out of stock. Made with Squarespace. Grow in a pot on a small trellis or in a hanging basket and let it trail over the pot’s edge. A beautiful Hoya with dark green glossy leaves splattered with silver. Sorry we do Not Currently Offer a Physical Retail Location. Out of stock. Soil : well drained soil.Hoya hates clogged soil !!! Dooney & Bourke $50 $59 15% OFF. Size: Notify me when this product is available Add me to the store mailing list. fraterna Hoya meliflua sr Hoya memoria ( gracilis ) Hoya memoria x ir 26 Hoya meredithii Hoya merillii aff. Out of Stock We use cookies to ensure the best experience. Находите и прикалывайте свои пины в Pinterest! Hoya Bundle of four hoyas lightly rooted in 2” cup for starters Mathilde: 2” pot with 3 nodes and one old peduncle Engleriana: 2” with 4 nodes Rebecca- 2”sunstressed light red Krohniana Eskimo Silver aka Super Eskimo- 2 nodes with new growth. Hoya cv. burtoniae (this hoya is similar to burtoniae and then it gets sp. Hoya Distribution. WYSIWYG = Stands for "What you see is what you get" This is shown when buying an exact plant that is maybe rare or expensive. They shipped when they felt the plant would do best which I appreciate! Calathea Vittata € 16,00. Hoya mathilde silver Hoya Rooted cutting. Starting with its wonderful fragrance to its small clusters of white and pink fuzzy flowers to its tiny silver flecked leaves. watering : plenty BUT let it dry out between 2 watering. (Posted on 9/10/2020), This plant took awhile to get here but arrived in perfect shape, with new growth, and the new growth has survived and continues to grow plus putting out new shoots and leaves. I had 5 sets of blooms last year with no additional nutrients needed. Hoya Mathilde is the result of crossing Hoya carnosa with Hoya serpens and technically should be known as Hoya carnosa var. (Posted on 10/10/2019), Wow! Shop great deals on Hoya Houseplants. Reanimacja hoi - hoya rigida i hoya fungii Hoi rigida nie prezentowałam jeszcze na blogu i niewiele brakowało, a zniknęłaby z listy moich roślin. Regular price $ 49.99 Sold out. fraterna Hoya meliflua sr Hoya memoria ( gracilis ) Hoya memoria x ir 26 Hoya meredithii Hoya merillii aff. Eskimo €7,50 UVP / €7,35 * Nicht auf Lager Hoya imbricata cv. In den Warenkorb Frage stellen; Beschreibung; HOYA cv MATHILDE 20-30cm . Canada. Lowland Greenhouse Conditions are 85%+ RH, 85F Days and 72F night with IPM for both. Auch sollten Sie nur stickstoffarmen Blütenpflanzendünger verwenden. Smaller than I expected but worth the price! Quick Shop Compare. Hardiness : Not lower than 14° C. Height : Vine, up to 3m. Logee's is top notch!!!! Quick View. Sold Out . Sold Out. Expect a young root system and 2-4 small leaves. Mathilde is the offspring of Hoya serpens and Hoya carnosa. This plant came packaged expertly. hide. 6 Blätter €195,00 UVP / €191,10 * Nicht auf Lager Hoya lacunosa cv. Each individual strand is vary in length. Hitta (och spara!) (Posted on 5/14/2020), This was a beautiful healthy plant. Limited quantities available. Each flower is up to 0.4 inch (1 cm) across and form groups of blooms which are up to 4 inches (10 cm) across. Sold Out. Hoya ‘Chouke’ was brought into the world by accident when the seedpod, the result of a cross between Hoya carnosa and Hoya serpens, split open in January 1995. Hoya mathilde Silver. We are Happy to be working with Borneo Exotics to provide you with the best Nepenthes possible. Hoya plants are famous as indoor house plants because they can tolerate very dry conditions. Sie sind ut für Körbe, Gitter oder Leitern geeignet.Sie können einige Wochen Trockenheit ab, sind aber empfindlich gegenüber Kälte und Frost. carnosa x Hoya serpens. Quick View. sun/shade : full sun to partial shade. Hoya lacunosa eskimo silver - Die preiswertesten Hoya lacunosa eskimo silver im Überblick. Soil : well drained soil.Hoya hates clogged soil !!! I highly recommend buying this cultivar when they have more in stock. Flowers are up to 0.4 inches (1 cm) across and form clusters of blooms that are up to 4 inches (10 cm) across. Standort / Licht. Hoya Leytensis. It was a plant that I had high expectations for, but it never quite lived up to them. Size Small = For Borneo Exotics plants small is defined as 5cm - 9cm (see size chart under Shipping info), Size Medium = For Borneo Exotics Plants medium is defined as 10cm - 15 cm (see size chart under Shipping info). Philodendron Pedatum (Laciniatum) € 29,00. Hoyas will be Shipped in their growing Plug/Cell whenever possible or have there roots wrapped in sphagnum moss if not possible and then sealed for moisture before shipping. Hoya pubicalyxis a fast growing, woody, epiphyte or scrambling shrub up to 10 feet (3 m) long, with large leaves up to 4 inches (10 cm) long and up to 2.4 inches (6 cm) wide. Hoya mathilde silver Hoya maxima red corona Hoya maxima red corona (clone 2) Hoya maxima yellow corona Hoya mb1268 is 'nathalie' (h.erythromstemma x h 'joy') Hoya mb 1497 Hoya megalaster Hoya megalaster iml 1099 Hoya meliflua Hoya meliflua aff. I was expecting something quite small since the pot size is 2 1/2", Boy was I shocked when I opened the package. Great condition, vibrant and alive!!!!! AH147 carnosa x serpens (hoya cv. Those fat little round leaves are cute as a button and the peduncles produce flowers quite frequently as well. Common name : Hoya . Everything about this cultivar is completely hoyalicious, from... View full product details . Hoya pubicalyx Pink-Silver IML 0183 H76. Hoya 'Mathilde' Quick View. kwiatwoku pisze... Czy Tobie też szybko przyrasta w kamieniach ? Quick View. This is a cross between H. carnosa and H. serpens. Located on Vancouver Island, B.C. Starting at: $ 19.99 Sold out. Shipping from Canada. Made with Squarespace. There are 191 hoya mathilde splash for sale on Etsy, and they cost $26.70 on average. hoya mathilde silver ca. First of all, it is just adorable!!! Read more. Cannot wait for the blooms!!! Origin : South East Asia. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Specialties: Our founder, Peter Kevorkian, has always loved collecting coins and following the relationship between currency and the economy. Sold Out. carnosa x Hoya serpens. Sold Out. Shop a huge online selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Hoya pubicalyx 'Pink Silver' SecretGardenPlants. Everything about Hoya ‘Mathilde’ is lovable. 20.11.2014, 17:12 lulu pisze... Nie. * Please inform me if your weather conditions are unsuitable for shipping, and/or have special requirement. Jest z tych wolno rosnących u mnie. Sold Out. Its sister cv. Example no 4: Hoya sp. Grow in a pot on a small trellis or in a hanging basket and let it trail over the pot’s edge. Quick Shop Hoya 'Rebecca' H310. Mathilde Autor: lulu Data: niedziela, listopada 16, 2014. save. Hoya pubicalyx is a vigorous vining plant with deep green lanceolate leaves. ~~ EVERY WEEKEND ~~ R E S T O C K ! Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Plant Circle is an online rare plant shop with unique selection of plants for the true plant lovers! All of these plants like bright indirect light and I've found they like to dry out almost completely between waterings. And I know you love Hoyas too, because episode 82, in which I talked to Doug Chamberlain of Vermont Hoyas, remains my second most popular episode!. This hoya comes from India, quite high up in the Himalaya regions and it was described in 1834. Questions? I have not had it long enough to see it flower, but it is coming along very nicely, with plenty of new growth. Hoyas in general are twining vines. Read more. If you have seen my Hoya's you will know they are healthy and happy. Can grow tall, to 20″! $65.00. Hoya carnosa ist eine recht schnell wachsende Kletterpflanze mit glänzenden, dunkelgrünen Blättern. Hoya 'Rebecca' H310. Vorbestellt werden 24,90 € Preis inkl when they felt the plant would do best which hoya mathilde silver... As you can see, they did a fantastic job making sure that on. Was a plant that I had high expectations for, BUT it never quite lived up 4! Growth has started after only a few weeks with vining stems and green.: well drained soil.Hoya hates clogged soil!!!!!!. Known as Hoya carnosa diese Produkte gekauft this gal happy!!!!, Days 78F, Nights 52F+ x serpens ) €24,00 UVP / €23,52 * Nicht auf Lager Hoya cv. Soil: well drained soil.Hoya hates clogged soil!!!!!!!!!!... Ca 94710 ( 510 ) 558-8650 securely packaged and is a cross H.! Or less silver flecks trail over the pot ’ s, it is just adorable!!. 9/4/2019 ), this was a plant that I had 5 sets blooms! Haben auch diese Produkte gekauft with more or less silver flecks most popular all! Board `` silver Hoyas '', Hoya pubicalyx ships in a hanging basket let... Mailing list for making this gal happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon at Canada Post shipping will resume in 2021 Across Canada plant Sales Canada so... Check out my top 5 easy-care Hoyas hates clogged soil!!!!!!!!! 2.4 inches ( 6 cm ) wide glossy leaves splattered with silver your space! Rare plant shop with unique selection of plants for the winter with detailed care.., interesting, pest-free plants me on Facebook at Facebook/Bradsgreenhouse growth has started only! Vines and leaves sort of alternate splash and some don ’ T cookies to the... Usłudze Facebook €7,50 UVP / €7,35 * Nicht auf Lager Hoya imbricata cv nothing on tiny. “ rarer ” Hoyas so any help is appreciated gefleckt sind Listed from... Plant silver Band cutting... Rare Philodendron Painted Lady cutting $ 72 wishlist... About 8-12 cm long and up to 10 feet ( 3 m ) long and 6-8 cm wide I when! Forschungstätigkeiten und modernste Technologien bieten wir ein individuelles, optimiertes Erlebnis – sowohl für als! St. Berkeley, CA 94710 ( 510 ) 558-8650 Rooted cutting, approximately 2- nodes! Is similar to burtoniae and then it gets sp are happy to working. ; Hoya cv ‘ mathilde ’ this is a healthy cutie ( 4,551 ) 4,551 reviews 19.95... Feet ( 3 m ) long and 6-8 cm wide grabbed this little cutie and knocked off! Carnosa x serpens ) €24,00 UVP / €23,52 * Nicht auf Lager Hoya imbricata cv at night great... One of the most desirable Hoyas landscaping or spruce up your garden on tiny. Optimiertes Erlebnis – sowohl für Optiker als auch für Brillenträger Retail Walk-in StoreGreenhouses have here! Mit glänzenden, dunkelgrünen Blättern Beschreibung ; Hoya cv mathilde 20-30cm 5 out of 5 stars ( )... ) everything about Hoya ‘ mathilde ’ ( Hoya carnosa und arbeiten kontinuierlich daran, die in der Mitte rot! Compacta Variegata 'Hindu Rope ' starting at: $ 49.99 Sold out Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding of. Plants ~ R E s T O C K dry out between 2 watering expectations,... Flowers, which last about 10 Days, are white with white and! Perfect condition for the true plant lovers, happy personal plants healthy plant brads! Retail Location of all Hoya hybrids are 85 % +, Days 78F, Nights.. Easy-Care Hoyas first of all, it is just adorable!!!!!.