Recommended OC settings: The best part is that if you use the codes to turn off the FSAA and dither filters, the game is able to maintain 50-60fps even on the older 3DS/2DS (beware sleep mode gets fucked, though). However, some cutscenes are completely blurry due to gas rendering issue. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate doesn’t seem to have major graphical or audio issues on Citra in most areas, and you can finish the game. Hiding the HUD & Map while in quests(see options menu in game) and make the bottom screen empty(you can leave target camera only if you want) might net you a few more frames. Around 80% of the time, it is a locked 60 fps experience with the OC settings listed. 60 FPS mod in form of cheat, because Ghidra and IDA couldn't find any xref in disassembled main. And The codes will work on any Framerate, there's no need to use The Custom 60 FPS Cheat if your Device can't handle it. I only included it just in case your using @mikewii7's 60 FPS … Around 80% of the time, it is a locked 60 fps experience with the OC settings listed. Monster Hunter XX JPN 0004000000197100 Note : Don't use Game Speed Codes when using these. If you were wondering, I’m using a Spectre Laptop (the old one) with an Intel i7 6500u (2.50GHz), along with an Intel graphics 520. Even powerful hardware can barely obtain mediocre speed. Citra was already at Native resolution, but to my surprise, after replicating my brother’s settings, Citra was running way faster than before. *EDIT* So I've done some settings with the following Clocks: LINK to gba thread Thanks to amazing work by Mikewii7 he was able to do some neat stuff like 60fps hack, transmog hack etc. After many months I finally figured out how to check for 30 FPS lock NVN API in 32-bit games. XX runs unlocked both on Citra and the 3DS hardware, maxing out at 60fps. this was a little how-far-can-i-go test :P a 260mb … I will try pushing for 844mhz on the GPU clocks, and see if the minor blips can be resolved. if you using new consoles with Clock+L2 turned on, you'll get 50-60 fps pretty much at any time, you also need to turn 3d effect off in options at main menu Code: [Transmog upgrade] 00AE2F0C E3A00001 00AE2F24 E3A00001 00AE2F3C E3A00001 00AE2F54 E3A00001 00AE2F6C E3A00001 00AE2F84 E3A00001 00AE2F9C E3A00001 00AE2FB4 E3A00001 … But it turns out that Monster Hunter wasn't using it, so I've tried to check with noexs if I can find 30 FPS lock and I found it. try using your dedicated GPU for … Monster hunter 4 ultimate 60fps and hd textures (citra) gotto say this was a challenging one to get working like this lol ... i rather fight kirin in monster hunter world on low rank lol. r/MonsterHunter: A subreddit dedicated to the Monster Hunter series of video games, including things like merchandise, fan art, organizing hunts … 44,516 89 21.