The Appenzellers are of course smaller than the rest but they are just as friendly and just all around entertaining and nice to be around. Eggs will lighten in color as the laying season progresses, then darken again after a break in laying, such as a molt. Their small wattles and combs make keep them from frost bites. Your purchase will include the eggs of at least 4 different large fowl standard breeds, with a beautiful selection of different-colored eggs (in other words, you won't get just brown or white eggs). Because of the beautiful eggs, Marans of any plumage are often called "chocolate eggers." i would say add a large covered fenced in area for them. The Porcelain pattern is similar to the Mille Fleur pattern, but with "diluting" genes, so that the Porcelains are pale where Mille Fleurs are dark, and cool where Mille Fleurs are warm. In both England and Holland, they were such faithful layers that a common name for them is "the Dutch Everyday Layer." Loud amazon bird like calls and one of my hens occasionally crows. Chicken Breed Information - Appenzeller Spitzhauben - The Appenzeller Spitzhauben is the national breed of Switzerland, noted for its very unusual forward-pointing crest and v-shaped comb. They are a winter hardy breed that matures early and are good producers of large brown eggs. My light is somewhat shaded at the coop though. (Each hen will lay her personal color, however!) As the name indicates, this breed originated in the state of New Hampshire. The Porcelain is another popular variety of Belgian Bearded d'Uccle. Our Easter Eggers make exceptional pets that you will enjoy for years. They can be little show-offs! Blue Splash Marans are calm, quiet and gentle. We are very proud of the eggs that we're offering and know that you'll be pleased with the spritely chicks that hatch from them! Fertility tends to be very high for this breed. Your purchase of this selection of beautiful, rare breed "chocolate eggers" guarantees you eggs from at least four of the following breeds. Through selective breeding egg color  of our Blue Coppers will improve with time. My roo grew up with kids until a few months old, then moved to my place with no kids. There is not much more charming than seeing a mother Orpington and her fluffy new baby chicks peeking from beneath her wings. With rose combs, white ear lobes and blue legs, these are excellent small birds for the home flock, and a great way for fans of "blue" to have some fun, efficient and economical layers. The Spitzhauben hen that I have is very sweet. The Appenzeller Spitzhauben has a smaller crest than a Polish chicken, but the crest sticks up more, rather than looking groomed and fluffed. Chicks from these eggs will hatch approximately 50% blue, 25% black and  25% splash. Where did you get your Appenzeller Spitzhauben from. The breed was actually named for the local ladies of Appenzellerland in Switzerland, who traditionally wore lacey bonnets. In both England and Holland, they were such faithful layers that a common name for them is "the Dutch Everyday Layer." They are friendly little birds when raised with affection, although they are not particularly docile. After ordering, your package may not arrive for one week to three months, depending on availability, because these eggs and breeds are rare and in high demand! d.write('